The Center’s work will focus on both international and domestic public health issues that threaten the health of these vulnerable populations.

Work in the United States

The Center focuses on infectious conditions such as HIV, Hepatitis C and Zika, as well as non-infectious conditions such as drug dependency (opioid and methamphetamine abuse) and obesity. Priority projects focus on working with communities most directly affected by these conditions, with an emphasis on high burden areas, and low resourced rural communities. The Center seeks to advance its mission by partnering with a diverse group of stakeholders, including nonprofits with a similar organizational mission, Federal health agencies such as CDC, HRSA, NIH, SAMHSA, state and local health departments, and community-based organizations.

International Work

The Center’s work abroad focuses on vaccine preventable diseases (e.g., polio and measles eradication), emerging and re-emerging infectious disease (e.g., HIV, Zika, Ebola), and supply chain issues (developing a network of interconnected organizations or people to ensure the availability of health service or commodities to the people who need them).

The Center is always seeking partnerships with agencies and stakeholders who principally work with improving the health of these groups. Internationally, this includes other nonprofit organizations with a similar organizational mission, Civil Society, non-governmental organizations, Ministries of Health, USAID, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank.